Welcome to Yours for the Unreached Website!

We are Josiah & Rachel Van Der Decker, serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here on this website, you can contact us.

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Aunt Priscilla

    Love you both much! Are praying as you get adjusted and begin language training. 😘🙏

  2. Ruth Mackay

    I am so proud of your courage and so excited of your future. God will show you opportunities most could only dream of. Anything hard is worth it. I will definitely pray for you both. May God first cause you both to heal and grow honoring him and then may he give you wisdom and discernment as how and by what timing. You know some of the best plans can be no good if God is asking you to do something altogether different. He loves you both. May you walk knowing that.
    Thanks for your update. Don & Ruth

  3. Bonnie Johnston

    I am so sorry to hear about Rachel. I do know how painful kidney stones are!
    Lord God please ease Rachel’s pain and help any stones left to pass. And please Lord no more kidney stones…
    In Jesus Name

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